Testimonials by my clients

N2 Souls


“Shelly has guided my 3 Past Life Regressions and 1 Between Life Regression.  All were extremely enlightening.   The Past Life Regressions have helped me understand who I am in this life, why I do what I do and helped explain my focuses."

"It was revealed my aura color is lavender and that I’ve brought 60% of my energy into this life.  I had my aura read 4 years ago by a group of people and was told the exact same thing.  As a child I chose to paint my bedroom lavender.  And the lavender Amethyst is my crystal of choice.  Shelly has helped connect the many dots through her loving, patient, knowledgeable and guided Regressions.   Each experience has enriched me and brought me closer to the Divine.  Thank you!”

"Shelly facilitated a past life regression session that did wonders for me. The session helped bring clarity to why I was feeling anxiety in certain areas of my current life. The regression session answered questions that I have had for a long time and I am now able to feel more at ease in this area of my life. Thank you, Shelly!"

"During my first Regression I met my Spirit Guide who I now know is always with me.  The Between Life Regression helped explain how the people in my current life fit in, what my purposes in this life are, why I chose this life, and what I need to learn."

"The in-between life regression session, administered by Shelly, helped clear my anxiety about where my current life is headed. The session helped me realize that each life brings new experiences to further develop my soul."

“I loved working with Shelly. She is very calm and compassionate and made me feel very comfortable with relaxing into our sessions. What showed up in my past life and between life regression was information about my soul groups, and why we were called into each other’s lives, and what our lessons were together.

One particular person showed up “larger than life” in my soul group and had left me in two previous lifetimes. The great thing is that I can now take steps to realize what I needed to learn in this lifetime, and by doing that, finish that particular lesson.

This issue was something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and in previous lives, so now I feel very relieved that (hopefully!) I can move on to more wholeness and understanding.
Thank you Shelly”